Tomorrow morning I'd be up at dawn. It will indeed be cool... but rugged up and fortified by good coffee, at the helm of a sweet yacht, (and if you're odd like me)  playing The Ride of the Valkries at full blast on the stereo in a fresh breeze there's nothing like it in the world better to prove that you're alive!  Forecast is SW 10, fine, so out through Ruthe Passage, perhaps a stop to get a snapper for breakfast, and spend the forenoon  on a close reach over to Tiri in the sunshine.( If you havent been there lately, the DOC folks have done a glorious job with the birdlife, and I think a picnic ashore may well be in order.) Where shall we anchor for he night? the choices are many... but my favourite is Mansion House, and if the wind stays SW, that's an easy broad reach. Let's anchor there, and take a walk through to the old Coppermine before dinner!

After waking up to the sound of the peacocks at Kawau, the forecast for Wednesday is Westerly, rising to 15 in the morning... Perfect!  We can spend the day on a beam reach all the way home ... alongside in Bayswater for teatime. 

I could go on, daydreaming... all I need is a Tall Ship, as they say.

Well, fortunately, we have available vessels, and we're keen to set up opportunities for  suitably experienced skippers to take advantage of these beautiful winter sailing days. Our winter rates are always good, but if you mention that you saw this offer here, I'll give you a further 20% discount on a charter of three days or more any time between now and the end of August.  

And don't worry... if the weather isn't to your liking on the day of sailing, we'll happily postpone your charter to any other date that the boat is available through to the end of August.

Take yourself sailing!

For boats at Bayswater Marina.

So, who’s looking after your boat this winter?!

CharterLink’s fleet at Baywater Marina is in Safe Ship Management so we are involved in a monthly programme of preventative maintenance. That includes starting and warming up the engines, running refrigeration, pumping heads, checking batteries, dehumidifiers and so on, along with the safety equipment inventory. So, our boats get through the cold months ready to go and without damp and mildew.

From May through November we can do that for your boat too. It takes only an hour a month and spares you the trip (or the guilt of putting it off!). We’re not engineers, electricians, fridge technicians or riggers but we are here at Bayswater Marina and can give you a heads-up on any issues we notice which might need attention. We can organise to get work done if you want.

We also give our boats’ decks and cockpits a UV protective coat of polish at least annually and we can do that for your boat too.

And how about any splicing which you’ve been thinking of doing? We can splice dock lines, lanyards, dinghy painters, and so on in laid, plait or braid rope and even wire to rope.

Might be of interest?? To contact CharterLink

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