Getting to our Base

Map City to CL

Charterlink’s Base is at the Bayswater Marina, situated opposite the city on the North shore of the Waitemata Harbour.  It can be reached by car, or by ferry from the downtown (city center) ferry building.

The car trip from City to Bayswater is 14.5 km (nominally 20 mins) but can be up to an hour in evening rush hour traffic.

  • Driving Directions:
  • From Auckland Harbour Bridge going north,  take the Takapuna/Devonport exit.
  • Follow signs to Devonport until you get to Belmont.
  • Turn right at Belmont traffic lights (McDonald’s on the corner) into Bayswater Avenue. 

Continue down Bayswater Avenue and at the roundabout take the second exit which will lead to the Marina. You will see the security tower at the entrance and a barrier arm ahead of you. Take a ticket, come through and park on the left where a kerb-sign says “CharterLink Parking.”  We will give you a marina pass, so you will be able to exit free of charge.   Our office is located in the brown cabin on the right almost by the barrier.   The cabin has “Yacht and Launch Hire” along the roof-ridge, and a CharterLink 

The ferry trip is 12 minutes, is hourly during the week, and every  2 or 3 hours during the weekend. The Ferry Timetable is here:

Airport Shuttle to Bayswater

The trip  from the airport to our marina is most easily done on the airport shuttle,  which can be booked at The tariff for two people is in the order of $72.00 . You pay the driver on the day by Credit Card or NZ cash.  

Charter Limits

You can plan your voyage anywhere within the zones below defined by length of your charter and the boundaries set by Maritime New Zealand. 


  • Red Maritime NZ Limits are absolute and not negotiable. They follow the 12 mile limit, except that we are not allowed on the Eastern side of Great Barrier Island
  • Charterlink limits are set depending on the length of your charter, and are to some degree negotiable (but require mutual agreement).
  • Vessels 30 feet or less are restricted to the area inside the orange line
  • We suggest a conservative view of how far you'll go... the weather is always a variable, and generally it takes the edge off of a holiday if you're sailing to a tight schedule.... relaxation is the order of the day!  

We also take a conservative view on heavy weather sailing... vessels are not to proceed if the forecast winds are over 30 knots. We remind you of what all sailors know....  it is the nature of ships at sea that vessels can be delayed by weather. You should factor that possibility into your plans!