Rate Card 2021-22

 Rates are per 24-hour day, in $NZD and include Goods and Services Tax.  





Cabins Berths *  Heads 



Jun to Sep


Oct & May 


Nov to Apr

Bavaria 30 2005 2 2+2+1s+1s 1 $3000 450 535 620
Bavaria 32 2010 2 2+2+1s+1s 1 $3000 540 635 765
Bavaria 33 2007 2 2+2+1s+1s 1 $3000 520 620 745
Jeanneau 349 2016 2 2+2+1s+1s 1 $3500 580 700 800
Bavaria 36 2002 3 2+2+2+1s+1s 1 $3500 595 720 810
Bavaria 37 2007 3 2+2+2+1s+1s 1 $3500 640 760 890
Bavaria 38 2004 2 2+2+2s 1 $3500 595 720 890
Bavaria 46 2006 4 2+2+2+2B 2 $4000 1090 1090 1380
Jeanneau 50  2015 3 2+2+2+2s 2 $5000 1380 1450 1675
Beneteau 57 ** 2006 3 2+2+2+2B+2s 2 $5000 2300 2300 POA

* Berths Code: "2" indicates a Double Cabin."1s" is a single berth in the saloon. "2s" is a double berth in the saloon

"2B" is a bunk-cabin

  • All rates above include a $30 per day Consumables fee which covers consumable stores and incidentals, including LPG and Outboard fuel, but excludes diesel fuel. 
  • For charters of 5 days or more, Linen/ Towels are complimentary. For shorter charters, they are available for $20 per set
  • Diesel Fuel and Cleaning are the Charterer’s responsibility, and normally Charterers clean and tidy the boat to a basic standard and fuel her when they return. If you prefer that we do these things, it can be charged to the bond.
  • Prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed until a booking deposit is made 

** Please note that all vessels are operated directly by Charterlink under our Operators Certificate except Beneteau 57, for which Charterlink is booking agent only, and that vessel is operated by another party, DMG Projects Ltd. (For Beneteau 57, Clients pay a $65 per person combined cleaning and linen fee and DMG Projects handles bond returns)

Departures/Arrivals are normally at 0830, 1230, or 1600, and charters are charged by the half day based on these times

Table revised June 2020

Skipper Experience Requirement

On a bareboat charter, you are the Skipper, and your guests are the crew. Command of a vessel is a task which carries significant responsibility for safety, both in law and in practice. We have one over-riding criteria, and that is the safety of you, your ships' company, and our vessels.

In summary, whilst no particular formal qualifications are necessary, a prospective Skipper must have significant experience in charge of a vessel of a similar size and configuration to that being chartered.  By way of amplification,  “Significant experience” is normally acquired over a period of years, “in Charge of” refers to being the legal Skipper of vessels, and “of a similar type” refers to your experience being in sailing vessels of a similar size, weight and hull configuration.

We do conduct a substantial briefing on the procedures and equipment in each vessel, and local navigation, but this is designed to mitigate the risks of unfamiliarity with the craft and the area, not to teach the basics; we do not present Bareboat Chartering as an opportunity for Skippers to learn to sail, The Skipper should already be competent in vessel handling, seamanship, navigation, piloting and the ColRegs, and we'll ask all skippers for a declaration to that effect, and an outline of the experience that you've had in our "Skippers Resume". Your insurance coverage of the vessel depends on this being accurate.

There should also be onboard a person designated as First Mate, or Second-in-command. That person should be adult, and capable of basic vessel operations in the event of the incapacitation of the skipper.  There must also be at least one person aboard who speaks english fluently.

We'll send you a Skippers Resume form as part of the booking process, and we can use this to establish whether we feel your charter would be a safe proposition, based on your knowledge and experience. 

Rates, Terms and Conditions

Here's a summary of our T's and C's... (Please note that the full text is contained in our charter contract document which will be sent to you as part of the booking pack)  Scroll down or click on the appropriate link:

Rate Card 2020-21 -  Booking Procedure - Charter Limits  -  Security and Damage Bond  -   Minimum Charter Duration

Racing and Spectator Fleets -  Advance Notice -  Discounts and Surcharges   -  Briefings  -  Charter Pickup times - Cancellations   

Skipper Experience Requirement 

Booking Procedure

  1. Phone +64 (21) 242 7820, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill in an online booking form here. 
  2. We’ll talk with you to establish your vessel preference and availability dates.
  3. CharterLink will send you an invoice and payment schedule, charter agreement, bond form, skipper resume and crew list for your completion.
  4. A deposit of 25% of the total charter fee is required within 7 days of booking to confirm your charter.  Payment in full is required 30 days prior to charter commencement date.

Charter Limits

You can plan your voyage anywhere within the zones below defined by length of your charter, the size of the vessel,  and the boundaries set by Maritime New Zealand. 

Charter and MNZ Limits Website 640w


Red Maritime NZ Limits are absolute and not negotiable. They follow the 12 mile limit, except that we are not allowed on the Eastern side of Great Barrier Island

Charterlink day limits are set depending on the length of your charter and the size of the vessel, and are to some degree negotiable (but require mutual agreement).

Depending on charter length as shown on the chart:

  • Vessels under 36 feet are normally restricted to the area inside the orange
  • 1-4 days line.

Vessels over 36 feet proceeding to Whangarei or further north also require a preparatory wash, which is a regulatory requirement to reduce the migration of alien marine fauna. This carries an additional cost of $750 per vessel …. Please tell us when you book if you intend to go that far, so we can arrange this. 

  We suggest a conservative view of how far you'll go... the weather is always a variable, and generally it takes the edge off of a holiday if you're sailing to a tight schedule.... relaxation is the order of the day!  

We also take a conservative view on heavy weather sailing... vessels are not to proceed if the forecast winds are over 26 knots. We remind you of what all sailors know....  it is the nature of ships at sea that vessels can be delayed by weather. You should factor that possibility into your plans! 

Racing and Spectator Fleets

Sorry, but our terms do not permit the vessels to be used in races, competitions, or regatta sailing in close company.

Also, we are soon to have some major international racing on Auckland harbour. We must advise that our yachts will not be part of the racing spectator fleets on a bareboat charter basis… given the extreme traffic levels expected, the risk profile is too high. Whilst they will be able to cruise “bareboat” in other parts of the Gulf during the period of the races, they will not be allowed within several miles of the racecourses on race days. The boats will also be subject to any restrictions on public areas placed on them by the Harbourmaster or other authorities at the time.

Security and Damage Bond

A security and damage bond is required by our insurers for all charters.  Bonds vary from $2500 to $5000 depending on the boat’s insurance excess. (In most situations, the vessel has insurance to cover loss or damage in excess of the bond value, but there are some circumstances under which the Charterer may be liable beyond the value of the Bond, as listed in the Charter Agreement.) The bond is fully refundable after your charter, less deductions for any loss or damage, when boat checks have been completed.  We normally reserve this as an authorized amount against a credit card prior to sailing.  Please complete and return the bond payment form included with your booking forms.

Minimum Charter Duration

All vessels have a minimum charter period of

  • 5 days from 16 December to the end of January,
  • 4 days February and March and Easter
  • 3 days on other public holiday weekends
  • 2 days the rest of the time

In additon, for the big boats 

  • Bavaria 46 "Bella Rosa" has a minimum charter of five days from December to April and three days for the rest of the year
  • Jeanneau 50 "Origin To" and Beneteau 57 "Escape Artist" have a minimum charter of 5 days

All of these rules can be broken depending on operations  so it's worth an ask!

Advance Notice

We normally book vessels a minimum of two weeks in advance... but do please ask if you want a short-notice charter, we will try to accomodate you!  In order to get your preferred dates and vessels, though,  we advise getting in a lot earlier ... demand is already strong for the 2020-21 season! 

Long-range planning:   We contract with our vessels in May each year for the following summer. For this reason we don't confirm bookings prior to the end of May each year for the following season, (in case the fleet mix changes.)  However, we we do record booking requests further in advance so people can get their names down and have first refusal once the vessels are set.    

Discounts and Surcharges

We'll happily provide a discount for 

  • Long Charters (over 7 days) 
  • Multiple Vessel Charters

If it is practical to do so, (and for a modest surcharge)  we will do our best to provide services outside our normal range such as

  • Short Notice Charters
  • Charters of less than the minimum duration
  • Live-aboard in the marina charters


An extensive briefing will be given on your vessel, including navigation, anchoring, safety and practical boat handling tips.  The brief will also include information on anchorages and points of interest within your preferred cruising ground. Briefings can be held in advance of your charter commencement by mutual agreement.

Charter Pickup times

Charters normally commence or end at 0830,  1230, or 1600, Monday – Sunday;  but we’re flexible as long as you prearrange things with us.


Cancellations by You:  Cancellations advised prior to 60 days before the commencement of charter will result in a refund of deposit less a NZ$250 administration fee. If you cancel within 60 days of your departure date, we will try to book a replacement charter on the vessel, and only if we are able to do so we will refund your charter fee deposit less the $250 admin fee. 

Cancellations by Us: The Charter contract details our policies in the event that we are forced to cancel charters, for reasons such as dangerous weather conditions or vessel damage. We recommend that you consider insuring against such events.

Cancellations by Covid.

For New Zealand residents: If Covid-19 laws prevent you from travelling to us from within New Zealand, or prevent you taking the vessel to sea, we undertake to provide a full refund, (as we did last time.)  Book with confidence! 

For Overseas Residents: Sorry, but Honestly we dont expect the borders to be open this summer. If you think otherwise, you can make a booking, but it would be at your risk, and we do not offer a refund for covid-related restrictions, except as provided for above under "Cancellations by You".  Put it on the list for next year!


Other Services

  • For charters of 5 days or more, Linen/ Towels are complimentary. For shorter charters, they are available for $20 per set
  • Charterlink can provide a qualified skipper for $575 per day plus meals (given sufficient notice).
  • We can hire you fishing gear or snorkeling gear

One Way Hires to the Bay of Islands and visiting Northland

Our vessels are based at Bayswater, Auckland, in the heart of the Hauraki Gulf.  The Gulf abounds with beautiful islands, snug anchorages, great open water sails, marine life and great scenery! Normally charters start and finish at Bayswater

If you're a bit more adventurous, vessels over 36 feet are able to cruise the Northland coast and visit the beautiful ports and anchorages from Whangarei northwards on longer cruises. (detailed charter limits are here)  Please note that Vessels proceeding from Auckland to Whangarei or further north also require a preparatory wash, which is a regulatory requirement to reduce the migration of marine fauna. This carries an additional cost of $750 per vessel …. Please tell us when you book if you intend to go that far, so we can arrange this. 

If you want to cruise the 110 miles of coast from Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf to the Bay of Islands, as long as the total duration of your charter is ten days or more we can arrange a one-way charter for you on vessels over 36 feet.  Charters to the Bay of Islands finish at Opua Marina, which is about 10 minutes by car from the tourist town of Paihia..   A drop off in Opua incurs a repositioning fee equivalent to two days’ charter, and includes a one-night marina berth in Opua.